3 mental barriers to growth

Sometimes the obstacle to a church’s growth is lodged between the ears of the person many call Pastor. Plateaued churches are often stuck due to three factors in a pastor’s thinking: neurological, sociological and psychological. Neurological barrier: Dunbar’s Number “If we start a second service, we won’t be able to know everybody!” Pastors bump up

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Four Crucial (And Neglected) Issues for Church Greeters

It would be easy to come up with a list of 10 issues for church greeters. Some church gurus even offer them as a free download to join their mailing list! But my experience and observation is that four crucial issues are often neglected. 1.  Start with Greeters in the Parking Lot (or doors), and

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What a Hollywood Actor Taught Me About Preaching

“I don’t’ believe you!” he would shout from the last row of the classroom. John Holland was one tough task-master. He taught a seminary course titled, “The Public Reading of Scripture.” Mr. Holland could smell if something was disingenuous from a mile away. If there was anything “affected” in our Scripture reading, anything that seemed

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Whatever you think of Pope Francis…

Whatever you think of the Pope, he knows the power of pulpit, symbol, & compassion. He walks in the way of faith, hope, & love. Today it was reported that Pope Francis met with 2o women who were rescued from the sex trafficking trade. He again showed spiritual leadership. It led me to post this

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church communications volunteer

Church communications in 30 minutes a week

If you could help your church communications problem from your living room, would you do it? A laptop computer, some free software programs, and 30 minutes a week are all you need to become part of the solution to one of your church’s problems: communications! Church communications woes Church consultants will tell you that church communications appear on

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Which of these headline questions sticks a thumb in your eye?

Which of these headline leads reaches out, grabs you by the throat, and sinks its thumbs into your windpipe? What’s the proper reaction to the video of the ranting pastor berating his congregation? Did you know your reaction to an online video reveals whether you’re the pastor of a growing church or not? How does

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