A tool interim pastors use to restore sight to blind churches

What are you going to do to plug the hole that’s quickly sinking this church? You’re the Interim Pastor and you’ve got the dreadful feeling that this client church retained you to bail water and not repair the leak. Isn’t that what Interim Pastors do, pick up the bucket the departing pastor dropped? The assessment

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10 tactics to set the next pastor up for success when you resign

You’ve made your decision; it’s time to resign your pastoral position. Or perhaps it’s been made for you; either submit a “constructive resignation” or be terminated. How do you set the stage for the next pastor to succeed? It’s never easy to resign a pastoral position. If you’ve been called to another ministry you’re probably

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Why Churches Should NOT Interview Pastor Candidates

Why do churches continue to use the interview to screen pastoral candidates? Isn’t it about time that interim pastors trained client churches to adopt better search processes? Silly question, you say? Hardly. Interviews are almost worthless Research shows that the interview is essentially worthless in predicting how well a person will do in the future.

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6 ways interim pastors can promote church growth

You’re an interim pastor who’s just gotten the worst career news possible. What do you do after you learn that most of what you’ve been told about church growth isn’t true? How would your ministry as an interim pastor be compromised? Scott Ableman via Compfight It turns out that church growth consultants might just be

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Make ’em relish that interim pastor’s report

How do you get church folks to read the important stuff? Like, say, that assessment report that details the problems and maps out the solutions? Cut it up into tasty pieces that they can handle, one at a time. Interim pastors have to deal with a dilemma when it comes to the assessment report. You

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What metrics should interim pastors watch?

How does an intentional interim pastor build a winning program in a client church overshadowed by mega-church-in-a-box franchises with unlimited budgets and oodles of free publicity? Careful research and metrics that matter. As in Baseball… Moneyball is the story of how the 2002 Oakland Athletics built a winning team on a minuscule budget. The plot revolves around

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