Conflict Can Lead to Better Relationships

Roy and Josh were stuck. They were at loggerheads. Months of chronic low-grade conflict had worn them down. Their best efforts to deal with “the problem” as mature, spiritual men had proven futile. Now the challenge was how to move forward. Settle for an uneasy truce, constant vigilance, and the likelihood of further scrapes? Should

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5 reasons pastors must be assertive

There are at least five reasons why the pastors of plateaued and declining churches should master the skills of assertive leadership. 1. Plateaued churches need assertive pastors. Plateaued churches are on a plateau for a reason. They’ve settled into habits of busyness that no longer produce meaningful spiritual results in the lives of the members.

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Turnaround leaders speak their mind – clearly

THIS is the most important leaders trying to lead church revitalization can say: “This is what needs to be done. It is your job to do it, and I expect to see it completed in the next two weeks.”   Our study of the unique characteristics of “natural” turnaround pastors tells us that this is how effective

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3 Leadership Lessons From A Gadget Designer

Turnaround pastors can learn a lot about leadership from a guy who designs gadgets for a living. Seriously. The designer’s relentless focus on form, function and beauty should be part and parcel of every pastor’s philsophy of ministry. These “best practices” are hallmarks of the successful Turnaround pastor. Case in point: Jony Ive, Senior Vice

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Why Turnaround Pastors Embrace Debate Others Avoid

“Because I’m the mean dad and I said so.” That’s the “magic response” I stumbled into by accident. It has this amazing power to stop the unending chain of “Why?” questions emanating from toddlers and small children. I used it on my children after four or five, “But why, Daddy?” queries when they weren’t asking

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