Bud Brown

church communications volunteer

Church communications in 30 minutes a week

If you could help your church communications problem from your living room, would you do it? A laptop computer, some free software programs, and 30 minutes a week are all you need to become part of the solution to one of your church’s problems: communications! Church communications woes Church consultants will tell you that church communications appear on

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Motivation “how to” for harried pastors

Pastoral ministry is a boiling cauldron of relentless deadlines, impossible demands, unreasonable expectations, and inadequate resources. Pastors are either eggs, coffee beans or potatoes. When you drop them into the boiling pot they’ll harden (eggs), get mushy (potatoes), or become rich and savory (coffee beans). Motivation – the reason(s) why we do what we do

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5 reasons for optimism about church turnaround

Turnaround church leadership casts gloomy pessimism over many a pundit’s outlook. Some focus, needlessly, on the risks, the grim statistics, and the likelihood of failure. Who wouldn’t think twice about tackling a church turnaround when someone asserts that 70% of turnaround efforts fail? (It’s almost enough to make one question the unspoken belief that Jesus

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Turnaround pastors love the challenge of change

Turnaround pastors are “different.” Sometimes it seems that rather than marching to everyone else’s drummer, they’re lurching frantically from one spinning plate to the next. But don’t be fooled. Their ability to shift attention and their appetite for novelty may seem undisciplined and unfocused. Their madness has a method! Spinning the Plates of Change This

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How to resolve church conflict before it starts

Conflict – wouldn’t it be great to avoid it all together? That may not be possible, but there are a few simple steps you can take to resolve it before it starts. But first, you need to look at the issues from their perspective. How they see things You’re asking your church to do something

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10 steps to benefitting from conflict

It’s like ripping off a bandage to bathe the wound in healing sunlight. Unpleasant. Even painful. But the end result is health and restoration. That’s what church conflict is like. Painful but, when treated properly, the path to a healthy church and a stronger, more confident pastor. At least that’s the results of a survey

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When should a church initiate change?

My colleague and ministry partner Gordon Penfold’s favorite refrain has one line: “Successful turnaround takes a capable pastor and a willing church.” Our research and Turnaround Pastors Boot Camp© training address the first requirement. It is doubtful that every pastor will become a turnaround rock star, but all of them can become more effective change

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5 lessons about leading change from the wannabe burger king

Something’s cooking at Ronald’s House. Pastors who face the daunting task of leading a church turnaround might take a few tips from their CEO’s recipe for change leadership. The backstory Despite billions and billions of burgers served, a cloud hovers over the golden arches. But in a recent sit down with the New York Times

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What Pastors learn from ANE kings …

There’s a “gotcha” in the Bible’s term for the person your church calls to do the preaching, run day-to-day operations, and superintend the church’s ministry to its members and its mission field. The New Testament uses four words for the church’s spiritual leaders: “elder,”1 “overseer,”2 “shepherd,”3 and “teacher”.4 They all refer to the same person.

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