Bud Brown

What’s the #1 reason why pastors leave?

Our brother Roy Yanke at the blog Confirm identifies it in an article entitled “Finding Hope in the Midst of Conflict:” Drawing from numerous studies conducted over the last 4 decades, the experts agree that conflict – “the ugly pastor/pew rift over how the life and work of a particular church is to be understood

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8 things Apple can teach about church hospitality

Church hospitality teams can learn a lot about the care and feeding of the church visitor from Apple, one of the most profitable retailers ever. Apple’s success isn’t due to iPads and operating systems; it’s about how they train their employees. Carmine Gallo, in his book The Apple Experience: Secrets to Building Insanely Great Customer

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Will all pastors be church planters and turnaround specialists?

Will settled pastors of the future need to have the personal qualities of a church planter, the unique abilities of a turnaround expert and the specialized skills of an intentional interim pastor? If the trends currently changing the face of American culture continue – and they seem to be accelerating – the settled pastor of

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Interim Pastor’s Journal: Week Four

I’m slowly settling into my role as the intentional interim pastor. I helped plan the service and I led several elements in addition to the preaching. My sense is that the service flowed more smoothly and the audience response – after the service ended – suggests that they felt a deep connection with the Lord’s

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Change management – use questions dissolve resistance

It took me a long time to learn the proper approach to change management. “Do it my way and we’ll all be happy” used to be my mantra. It was my approach to life, business management and spiritual leadership. It’s what I learned in the rough and tumble world of a perishable commodities broker and

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7 simple steps to 1st rate church hospitality

  When was the last time you visited a place that billed itself as “the unfriendliest church in town?” Me either. I don’t think I’ve ever been to one. But they’re out there in spirit if not in name. Tim Dolan reports that one of his lay ministry students found one. As an assignment, I

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Church security is a HOT topic!

There is a massive discussion about church security going on at the LinkedIn XPastor group! You have to join LinkedIn to follow the discussion but this will give you a lot to think about. Resources: Church Security: the interim pastor’s responsibility

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Ministry metrics: the hard and soft measurements

The church I’m currently serving as the intentional interim pastor has the Annual Business meeting scheduled for the last Sunday in January. This past Sunday we conducted a dry run to finalize what would be included in the report to the congregation. The Executive Pastor, the outgoing chairman of the Board and the incoming chairman

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