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Giving from the left and right brain

You’re at your first Board meeting at a new client church. You’ve been retained as the intentional interim pastor to help them prepare for the future. The first words from the Chair are, “Pastor, if something doesn’t change, we won’t be able to pay the mortgage next month.” Now what? oblivion9999 via Compfight Interim pastors

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10 instant training tools for busy interim pastors

There’s never enough time to stay current with your “must read” stack, is there? The interim pastor’s life is one challenge after another, one client church and consultation after another, and one packed calendar – without end. How do you cultivate and nurture your own professional development and inner life in the face of this

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Hot tip for interim pastors: celebrate 1 win this Sunday

“What gets rewarded gets repeated” Press this well known – and probably true – aphorism to your advantage. In your next sermon be sure to mention someone you noticed doing a good deed, serving humbly or some other behavior that epitomizes the transformation you’d like to see in the congregation. If you want church members

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65 Preaching Ideas for Interim Pastors

Preaching the Lectionary The lectionary is the best place for the interim to begin the initial sermon planning. I prefer to read the lectionary texts for the entire interim period. The United Methodist Music and Worship Planner is a great resource for sermon and worship planning as it prints the lectionary texts in their entirety

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What if Paul was wrong?

This is part of the Synchro Blog April meme. This month we invite you to play the ‘what if’ game with us. Try to imagine that some or all of the Bible narrative is not necessarily true history, but is myth of one sort or another. What sort of effect would that knowledge have on

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Hot tip for interim pastors: 1 way to increase giving

Challenge the church to give. Frequently. Eric Geiger writes about how this simple tip increases giving. I’ll let him tell you the story in his own words: I am plugged into an executive pastors network with a group of guys that get together once a year. Last Spring as we were meeting, many of our

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