Bud Brown

My friend and colleague Jeremy Myers has an excellent post on one of the more horrifying texts in scripture up at his blogsite, Till He Comes. Check it out.

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The power phrase that pushes people to think strategically

You’re the interim pastor. The church called you to turn it around, tear down barriers and move it forward several centuries. You’ve made progress. Attendance is up, finances are looking good and a few on the church council are warming to your leadership. Then, one morning when  you walk into the office an angered mama

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10 reasons why I love interim ministry

I’m a utility player who does a fair job in a variety of positions. I’ve been a solo pastor, a senior pastor, a staff pastor and an intentional interim pastor. That last is my favorite spot on the roster and I’m especially well suited for it as a mellowing Type-A, high D trouble-shoooter. Intentional interim

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What metrics should interim pastors watch?

How does an intentional interim pastor build a winning program in a client church overshadowed by mega-church-in-a-box franchises with unlimited budgets and oodles of free publicity? Careful research and metrics that matter. As in Baseball… Moneyball is the story of how the 2002 Oakland Athletics built a winning team on a minuscule budget. The plot revolves around

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1 way interim pastors can qualify client churches

When I first entered vocational ministry as an intentional interim pastor I took every request to meet with a potential client church that came my way. I didn’t require a reimbursement for time or mileage nor did I insist on meeting with the decision makers. I’d meet with anyone, anytime at any place. Now that

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He is the most interesting preacher in the world…

He is the most interesting preacher in the world: Haddon Robinson uses his sermon  illustrations His preaching wakes those in persistent vegetative comas The Dead Sea Scrolls were first discovered in his library America’s Gross Domestic Product rises 3% when he prays over the offering Audiences are spellbound by his asides on textual criticism Chuck

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Interim Pastor’s Guide to Sermon Planning

My interim began by preaching the Sunday following the Saturday funeral of the beloved pastor where two thousand people gathered to grieve their loss and celebrate the gift of their pastor’s life. My first sermon was preached on the second Sunday in Advent.  I’d like to draw on that experience to share some examples of

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Trends in charitable giving

Interim pastors. Churches in transition. A challenging economy. Budget problems. They all seem to go hand-in-hand these days! Amancay Maahs via Compfight A new poll by the Barna Group (“New Barna Study Explores Trends Among American Donors“)offers insight into Americans’ charitable giving habits during 2012. The implications for 2013 are provocative; they suggest that interim

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