Bud Brown


Why Churches Should NOT Interview Pastor Candidates

Why do churches continue to use the interview to screen pastoral candidates? Isn’t it about time that interim pastors trained client churches to adopt better search processes? Silly question, you say? Hardly. Interviews are almost worthless Research shows that the interview is essentially worthless in predicting how well a person will do in the future.

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6 ways interim pastors can promote church growth

You’re an interim pastor who’s just gotten the worst career news possible. What do you do after you learn that most of what you’ve been told about church growth isn’t true? How would your ministry as an interim pastor be compromised? Scott Ableman via Compfight It turns out that church growth consultants might just be

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5 reasons why you should and should not be an interim pastor

Why should you consider becoming a full-time interim pastor? One good reason is because it is definitely a growth industry. As the unraveling of American culture accelerates it is likely that many – perhaps most – churches will maintain their status quo: focused inward. The number of churches that need a skilled interim pastor will

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10 tactics interim pastors should use to find client churches

Where do you find your next assignment as an interim pastor? You’ve just handed the baton to your client church’s next settled pastor. The paycheck stops in another week or two, after you’ve debriefed the pastor and gotten him off to a running start. After that, nothing. So what do you do? Let me suggest

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4 tactics interim pastors use to build trust

How do you quickly establish trust with a new congregation when you know there’s hard times ahead? You’re new to them, they’re a bit worried about what you’re going to do and they’re not sure if they can trust you or not. What do you do? Interim pastors must earn trust from the client church.

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Help the next pastor succeed by killing 3 productivity myths

What can an interim pastor do to help the next settled pastor succeed? You can train the church to understand the difference between being busy and being productive. Too many churches think the pastor’s work week should level out around 60 hours per, but they give precious little thought to how that time is spent!

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1 app helps pastors stay current, save time and money

I just fell in love with a new app! Next Issue gives me unlimited access to over 90 magazines – all on my iPad. For that price I don’t feel guilty about not reading the whole magazine. I mean, who doesn’t want to be a good steward of their hard spent funds? At the moment

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