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Never again wonder where you filed it…

How do you file a document that could be stuck in any of a half-dozen folders and make sure you’ll be able to find it again? Take your recent sermon from 2 Corinthians 9. It’s a real gem that reflects some of your best exegetical work, it’s a fine expository sermon and it touches on

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Why It’s A Smart Idea to Silence Complainers

Since you will be dumber for listening to them, doesn’t it make sense that interim pastors ought to silence the whiners and complainers in their client churches? Letting them complain doesn’t solve anything. Ignoring them may calm your nerves but everyone else is still left on edge Letting them complain invites a culture of criticism

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End those “What happened to all the updates I just made?” moments

When was your last tear-your-hair-out @^%$!~ moment because all those lovely edits to that sermon/newsletter/blogpost/article disappeared? DraftControl will put an end to those gut wrenching, cold sweat on the forehead moments. It hums along quietly in the background to automatically tracks changes while using your favorite word processor to write or edit that literary gem. Every

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Thanks to the folks at XPastor.org for posting “5 Reasons Why it’s Better for Interim Pastors to Juggle Hand Grenades than Politics” on their website. Theirs is a resource rich website that you should bookmark and visit frequently.

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Alban fire sale…

Thought I’d pass this along to my friends and supporters who frequent this blog. The Alban Institute has a fire sale going on – over 60 titles for $6 – .01. Check it out. ENDING SOON! | Alban Fall Sale – 60 titles for just $5.99!.

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The 1 Question Interim Pastors Can’t Answer

They’re not going to like your answer, no matter what you say, even though they desperately need your help. “Will our church grow if we call you as our interim pastor?” This is a tough question. It is tough because it shows they have absolutely no idea of the right way to hire an interim

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Is it time to dump the Gatorade?

Is it time for you – the Interim Pastor – to give your client church the “Gatorade treatment”? Not the victory celebration. I’m talking about a cold dose of reality, that may be the only thing that will wake a slumbering congregation. The “problem” beneath symptoms and causes Let me suggest that the real problem that

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How Interim Pastors Build Trust With Churches

How does an interim pastor gain the trust of people burned by the departing pastor? You’d better know the answer this one or they won’t trust you. If they don’t, they won’t follow. If they don’t follow, you fail. It’s not your fault. The departed pastor took advantage of his position. He didn’t cooperate with

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The right way to hire an interim pastor – Part 2

The first article in this series offered guidance on three issues that churches considering retaining an interim pastor need to address. Deciding on the kind of interim pastor your church should retain. Determining the cost of retaining an interim pastor (and what a church stands to lose if it doesn’t) The church board’s first task

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