Bud Brown


1 good reason interim pastors should leave the backdoor wide open

People slipping out the back door and out of the life of the church is one of the last things interim pastors should worry about. Writers have sacrificed billions of electrons to articles about closing the church’s back door. But virtually everyone overlooks perfectly good reasons why it should be left open. The church’s back

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How should an interim pastor respond to this email?

How would you use your wisdom and insight gained from a vocational interim pastor’s experience to answer this email? Earlier this week I received the following email from a brother looking for some answers or at least some resources. I wasn’t sure exactly what he needed or how I could help him. How would you

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5 deficiencies that stifle church growth

You can quickly and effectively stifle a church’s growth without actually trying. All a pastor has to do is be: Needy – constantly crave the attention and praise of others Inflexible– press on once you’ve decided a course of action, undeterred by new facts Pessimistic – stay vigilant against setback, discouragement or defeat Stoic –

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Book Review: “Turnaround and Beyond”

Note: I developed this book review from one of the Kindle hacks that I demonstrated in another post on this weblog. Ron Crandall’s Turnaround and Beyond: A Hopeful Future for the Small Membership Church (Abingdon Press, 2008, Kindle Edition) belongs in the library of every interim pastor, small church pastor and pastor who wants to

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4 Kindle hacks make Kindle books more useful

Can you use Kindle hacks to integrate your Kindle books with your Bible software? Wouldn’t it be great if Kindle hacks allowed access to Kindle content from your Bible software? You’ve got hundreds, perhaps thousands of books, journals and magazines in your Bible software, but your software’s publisher has overlooked volumes you use regularly. It

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