Bud Brown


4 responses to the new megachurch next door

Bad news. You just got word that a mega- multi- church is metastasizing again, throwing up a campus down the street. They’ll probably open with 1500 or more their first Sunday. Worried that some of them’ll be yours? The message in your says, “Time to panic ‘cuz the big dog’s moving in.” What do you

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3 Reasons It’s Stupid To Prefer Younger Pastors

My guess is that most pastor search committees are set on “stupid”. Stupid because their qualifications screen out some of the best and brightest, denying their church the leadership it needs. Stupid because they prefer younger pastors over seasoned pastors to fill the empty slot on their org chart. I’ve seen this stupidity in action,

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Is this the piece missing from the Interim Pastor’s puzzle?

Are intentional interim pastors missing an important piece of the puzzle? How do we explain the fact that some churches are receptive to change and others aren’t? Where do we turn when we’ve used up our best chops? We’ve conducted a thorough assessment We’ve lead the transitional leadership team in developing a plan Our preaching

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Why Turnaround Pastors Embrace Debate Others Avoid

“Because I’m the mean dad and I said so.” That’s the “magic response” I stumbled into by accident. It has this amazing power to stop the unending chain of “Why?” questions emanating from toddlers and small children. I used it on my children after four or five, “But why, Daddy?” queries when they weren’t asking

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Where would you draw the line?

How would you react when the church you’re serving as an intentional interim pastor gets wrapped around the axle over a basic “Christianity 101” doctrine of the faith? The last thing you need is a “headache” but you’ve also got a call – to speak to the needs of the congregation that were surfaced in

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How Do You Spot a Turnaround Pastor?

Listen to what they focus on when discussing the problems in their churches. If you’ve followed our posts about the pastor’s ego needs, you probably could have figured this out on your own. But now that we’re well into our research on the distinctions between turnarond and non-turnaround pastors, the anecdotal information is beginning to

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Turnaround Pastors – Reading Recommendations

Are you the one buying all those books? In spite of surging sales of tablets, smart phones and uber-light laptops, book sales continue at a healthy clip. At least in one market niche. According to a still-fresh report at the Barna Group, pastors on average buy 3.8 books per month, and 92% of us buy

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