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Turnaround Pastors Tell New Hospitality Stories

Is it time to tell a new story? Sing a new song? Turnaround Pastors know how to harness the power of narrative – the stories we tell ourselves – to change the culture in a static or dying congregation. In this post we’ll explore how writing new narratives can revolutionize a common trouble spot in

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The Turnaround Pastor’s Greatest Challenge: Making Disciples

What’s the Turnaround Pastor’s greatest challenge, the one that outweighs all others? Maybe you think it’s one of these: Getting the church on a solid financial footing Eliminating unproductive programs and activities Renewing passion and vision in the church’s leaders Resolving long running conflicts between members Initiating church discipline against an errant saint Discerning God’s vision Revitalizing stale worship services

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Preparing the Church for 587 B.C.

How do Turnaround Pastors lead God’s people in post-Christian America? As the headlong slide toward the abyss accelerates, many will look to the past for guidance into the future. They will look to the distant past. All the way back to 587 B.C. The prophetic voices of Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel model what is needed today:

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10 Promises That Will Change Your Church in 2015

This is it. You’ve reached decision time. You’ve got to decide whether 2015 will rehash everything that’s gone before. Or will it be different? Is it the year your church breaks out? It can, but only if you promise to start doing things different. Here are 10 promises you can make, Pastor, that will change your church in

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5 Times Pastors Should Say “No!” In Order to Change a Church

Relentless focus on the mission. Uncompromising devotion to the vision. Insistence on “no more business as usual.” These hallmark behaviors distinguish pastors capable of introducing change that results in new life and new growth in stagnant and dying churches from pastors who don’t.[1] Do you know what’s implicit in these behaviors? Demand for change. A

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5 Items for the Turnaround Pastor’s Year-end Checklist

Is 2015 the year you start leading like a Turnaround pastor? If so, it’s time to start implementing those best practices Innovation. Changing it up. Doing things different. Breaking the mold. These are hallmark behaviors of successful Turnaround pastors. It’s how they lead stagnant and dying churches into new life, time after time in church after church.

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Change Management: Tools Every Pastor Needs

Back in olden days, between the end of WWII and the end of the War in Vietnam, pastors had a simple goal for themselves and their churches: keep doing what they’ve been doing. It was a period when an homogenous culture shared was rapidly expanding into new communities around America’s urban centers. The people who

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5 Things Jesus Is Not

Jesus is a lot of things to a lot of people. Most folks are so biblically ignorant and the culture (and many a church) is so consumer centered that Jesus is made out to be whatever anyone wants him to be. But there are 5 things that Jesus most definitely is not! (Well, there are actually

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