Bud Brown

A Church Resisting Revitalization is a Good Thing

Church revitalization pastors are often seen like the fabled monk who made a vow of silence. He was allowed two words per year. After his first year, he spoke to the abbot. “Better food,” he said. The abbot appoints a new head cook. Year two the monk said, “Warmer blankets.” New blankets show up in

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Conflict Can Lead to Better Relationships

Roy and Josh were stuck. They were at loggerheads. Months of chronic low-grade conflict had worn them down. Their best efforts to deal with “the problem” as mature, spiritual men had proven futile. Now the challenge was how to move forward. Settle for an uneasy truce, constant vigilance, and the likelihood of further scrapes? Should

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10 Things every pastor should stop doing

You’ve only got 168 hours in a week to get things done. If you’re going to lead a turnaround church, you’ll need at least twice that many hours, just to get things moving in the right direction! Well, a bit of an overstatement for the sake of illustration – but not by much! The point

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