You know you’ve been an interim pastor for too long when:

  1. 24 months at the same church seems like a long term tenure
  2. You’re ready to move on as soon as you learn everyone’s first name
  3. You use the Lifecycle chart to explain the eschatology of the Book of Revelation
  4. You expect that all church potluck suppers begin with a nasty food fight
  5. When you explain your work to other clergy they ask, “Why didn’t somebody tell me about this thirty years ago?”
  6. Your idea of light reading is combing through old church records, looking for mischief.
  7. Your ten-year old PowerPoint presentation is still up to date
  8. Your client church can’t tell if you are a trouble shooter or a trouble maker
  9. You think, “if only you knew!” when people ask you, “Why can’t you be our pastor?”
  10. You prefer the organ to an electronic keyboard because it burns longer.

Here’s more from Alan Cole:

  1. You think the revolving door on the parsonage is normal.
  2. You’ve learned to control the urge to take people by the ear when you see them huddled in the corner, whispering and pointing in your direction.
  3. You’re trying to spiritualize a way to vote someone off the island.

Updated 2/13/2013 – from Belinda Koenig:

  • The search committee for the new pastor speeds up its process, with an underlying frantic urgency.