Can you use Kindle hacks to integrate your Kindle books with your Bible software? Wouldn’t it be great if Kindle hacks allowed access to Kindle content from your Bible software?

You’ve got hundreds, perhaps thousands of books, journals and magazines in your Bible software, but your software’s publisher has overlooked volumes you use regularly. It is your good fortune that those volumes have been published in the Kindle format. But they’re not available from within your Bible study software.

These four Kindle hacks will make your Kindle books more useful. One of them creates tighter links between your Bible study software and your Kindle collection.

Kindle hacks

This video demonstrates four Kindle hacks that make data in my eBooks easily retrievable. In the video I’ll show you how to:

  • Annotate the Table of Contents for quick review of a book’s contents
  • Link a page, passage or highlight from a Kindle book to a Libronix note
  • Import Kindle notes and highlights into Evernote for rapid retrieval (HT: Michael Hyatt for this one)
  • How to quickly generate a book review from your Kindle highlights and annotations for publication on a church website, newsletter or your blog. (I’ll post the results of that tomorrow!)

If you’ve got questions or if I’ve failed to be clear, please drop a comment at the end of this post and I’ll get back to you.

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Want to go crazy?

If you’ve got the time and inclination there’s another in the collection of Kindle hacks that will import Kindle books into your Logos library collection. Simply down load Calibre, push your Kindle book into a file format that you can edit with Microsoft Word; you’ll probably want to export to an RTF format. Open the RTF output file with Microsoft Word, tag it for your Logos library. Be sure to save it in the .DOCX format and import into your Logos library as a Personal book.

Additional Resources

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